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Marcos de la Fuente, August 2020.

Marcos and I met the summer of 2020, on one of those beautiful Brooklyn nights that make you feel something amazing is about to happen. And it did; I found a Galician poet while dancing to the NYC skyline, Marcos de la Fuente. 

At the time I was doing a residency in Upstate NY at Casita Bosque.The backyard of Casita had a creek with a small stone island where water would only flow by on very heavy rain days, and on clear days, she was my island. 

Bosque built me a fire and that magical place for several months became Tintorería’s kitchen.Home textiles, brand collaborations & community clothing were being dyed everyday down in the creek. 

Trees upon me, the river and it’s creatures, it was humbling, I could feel how tiny I was, a surrender, me, the water, the fire and my pot being allowed by nature to become one with it. Felt like I was back home in Galicia; barefoot and touching water all day, floating along with the textiles when it was time to rinse them. Being held by the medium.

When I met Marcos I knew he will be the one giving voice to these dyeing days, only someone from Galicia would understand the core emotion of a forest, a fire ,a pot and a Galician woman, only he could put words to what I was feeling, he felt it too.

Marcos wrote 4 poems for this kitchen of mine, the first time I read them I felt like if he had been up there with me all this months and we went back and forth from Galicia to Upstate NY like if there was not an ocean in between us. 


Poems by Marcos de la Fuente
Agasallo - Amasas
Levitas - O propio
Upstate Meiga
Alecrín ( Romeu )



Visual poem 
Shot by my friends Elise Grace & Preston Jones
Creative Direction María Romero
Video editing Maria Rosa Badia
Credits Pamela Villalobos
Music by Podington Bear - Summerging Green
Location Roundtop, Ny - Casita Bosque, by Bosque