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Laura Gónzalez Fierro by María Camnar

Laura was interviewed in the land of Strever Farm Longhouse, Dutchess County, NY.

MC: A book / movie that has stayed in your heart? 

A book that is important to me (today and always) is "The Praise of Shadow" by Junichiro Tanizaki. It talks about light in art, architecture, gastronomy, nature — and more. A movie I recently watched with my daughters was Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro" . It's about an imaginary friend who is an entire universe—the coexistence of fantasy and reality.

MC: What object do you strongly connect with? 

Stones, rocks or rock formations, I’ve always been very interested in rock strata. Century after century, layers are added and become an archive or memory of the world — and all the phenomena that has passed through it. This causes a difference in tone, color, texture, and even smell. Rocks are ancient objects that contain very valuable information about our planet. 

Laura inside the longhouse wearing Pamela.


MC: A place your heart yearns? 

MEXICO forever and always.

MC: The word metamorphosis is coming up as I’m talking to you - what does metamorphosis mean to you? 

Transformation. Your perception is very accurate. I’m going through a major change in my career and personal life —a process that began 5 years ago.

Professionally, my approach to architecture has changed. Everyday I’m making more of an effort to be part of conversations and connections that have a true impact on people — whether it’s through a project, a workshop, or a curatorial project.  

I also feel that becoming a mother has been a slow process of transformation. I learn more and more from my daughters and I am very grateful to have these great teachers in my life.

Laura wearing Lola, Longhouse construction in progress and open field views.


MC: When you’re designing - who are you thinking about?  

Both past and future generations. I like to think about our ancestors and the future. Time as something linear is a Western concept. Our "human drama" is that we’re  oscillating in two extremes, past and future. 

Laura wearing El Closet, at the open filed of Strever Farm Longhouse.

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MC: What is your favorite shape? 

Maybe triangles or circles are my favorite shapes. Difficult to choose but those two are very versatile geometric figures.

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