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Domingo de Mesa - our food series


Domingo de Mesa a food series by Tintorería


The name comes from Domingo de Misa

( Misa means mass in Spanish ) ( and Domingo means Sunday )

Mass Sunday growing up was the day for family, friends and rituals.

I grew up Catholic, unfortunately spirituality in childhood was a mix of guilt, power and surrender that made not much sense, but what made sense was what Mass Sunday and spirituality meant at home.


‘The Main Ritual’ - the after mass

A table and us, family, friends and neighbors.

I grew up with my mother, from her I got my sensibility to beauty and to all the things that activate my senses, the respect for food and the unconditional love to family and friends. I am very grateful for every Sunday she dragged me out of bed to take us to church.

Because it was not church but the love of community, learning where to belong and where not, how to share love and pain with strangers, to celebrate life with people who like us, were seeking love and giving it back, that’s what she was trying to imprint on me.

She succeeded, as an adult I am still exploring spirituality and how that feels within me and the people I choose to love, but thanks to her I am able to channel all this aligned to my project and the way it’s shared with you.

So.... I swapped Misa for Mesa ( table ) and started celebrating the ritual of surrendering myself with friends and strangers to share food, stories, presence and time on Sundays. Growing the family, making a home and religion of our own, one that keeps us connected, fearless, loved, seen and appreciated.

During Domingo de Mesa, we experience the process of cooking, of dyeing ( how can food waste be used to color textiles ) and most importantly the process of knowing each other.