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NA KIM by María Camnar

Agustín Vrech was interviewed in his home in Cape Cod, wearing his Tomás, Leonardo & Macarena. 

MC: What body part intrigues you?

My knees, they work very well for being in my late thirties, something to be grateful for. And my hair, because now that I have it long, it gets tangled with the flowers. 

When I get home, I shake my hair, and something always falls off. The hair acts like a net and I become a person who spreads seeds. 

I wasn’t really aware of my hair before, but now I am. I am also aware of my knees, they allow me to bend and put my body in certain positions, I like that.  

MC: A food you miss, when you can’t eat it regularly.

Peaches. If they have dulce de leche even better.

MC: What is something that people say to you often?

That I'm not afraid. Although that’s not true, I'm just capable of putting myself through vulnerable situations. She's my great teacher, vulnerability. I grow with her the most.

Agustín wears the Macarena Jacket with Tomás sweater and Leonardo jean


MC: What are some of your first memories? 

Something related to my grandmother, in a garden, I was sitting in her lap. 

There was birthday cake, how beautiful.

In almost every project I use my grandmother's favorite medicinal plants: rosemary, sage and thyme.

MC: A place in the world your heart deeply cherishes? 

Our summer house in Cordoba. I moved a lot growing up, when I visited, I wanted to be there as much as possible. 

It has rivers and lakes, it's a beautiful landscape. A rocky land, with very little fertile soil. It’s almost impossible to grow a tree in that place. A reminiscence of the Argentine Pampa. Someone explained to me why this is, it's because of the wind.

MC: How would you define home? 

Home is me. It doesn’t matter how many times I move, home will always be me.

Macarena "The Utility Jacket'
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MC: How did you become a landscape artist?

Accidentally and by chance. I had friends who came to work here [Cape Cod] during their summer breaks - I had a debt with the Mexican government - and not knowing what else to do, I decided to join them.

When you don't know what to do, you have to see what options you have, and this was an option I had. And here I am, loving what I do.

Agustín collecting seeds while wearing 'El Closet'

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MC: How would you describe your work?

Experimental. Nothing ever ends up being as it was in the original plan. 

There is something political about people who choose to have a garden instead of a lawn. The lawn needs a lot of water, a garden not so much, and it attracts butterflies and bees. It's something very nice to see. 

MC: Tell us a story of someone you've worked with, recently. 

I recently worked with someone whose brother died. He wanted a garden, to take care of something, and to see something beautiful every day.

Sometimes healing is right under our noses.

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