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A Praise To The Stars

In Collaboration with Cara Marie Piazza

Limited edition Lola Blouse - hand dyed by artist Cara Marie Piazza

Using Oak Gals, Iron and Citric Acid


Photography by Caroline



‘To Jupiter and his Moons’ - a praise to the stars

When I was living in Hudson, there were very lonely days, I learned to be my best companion even on those days that I seam to not be able to live in my own body. 

My friend Calila visited me from the beginning of my move Upstate, then she moved to Tucson.

But every time she came up to NY she will spare a week with me, so special. 

Every time she came magic happened, every visit has a story, is like every time she brought me a learning, awareness and gratitude and left me full of her love showing in as magic tricks. All the windows that she opened to keep me company when I was lonely.

One night we went to Oakdale, we noticed a star right above us shining like if something special was going on up there, we learned it was Jupiter, and then every other night, there was Jupiter. He always was there. 

When Calila left she told me, ‘Bebita, si me extrañas, mira al Cielo, busca a Júpiter y recuerda que yo, al igual que el, siempre estoy contigo ‘

And just that-  cured it, I never had a lonely walk anymore, the stars where all walking with me, same as all my friends are.